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Request_A_Blink's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[October 2nd, 2006]

Hey, faith, are we still doing something with this community?

[[ I recommend everyone go joining rowdy_designs for great graphics! The icon I'm using right now, came from there! :) ♥ ]]
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[September 1st, 2005]


Alright guys I made one button for now, I'll make more later so you have a selection.
There are now more in the info

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now you see this pretty little button? If you don't have it in your info by Monday, September 5th 2005 than you're out of here. So I'd suggest you put one in your info, it's not that hard to do!=)
p.s. hot-link, and you're dead ;P
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[August 30th, 2005]


Moderated Membership

Meaning, if I don't know you - you're not getting in.
Tough luck, it's not my problem. ♥
Comment to join.
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